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The Bosom of Our Land

By Raphael Warjri

The valleys and the hills
In the north eastern region
There's live the people
Of the great Indian nation  
The magnificent mountains
With the mighty rivers
The vast grasslands
And cascading waterfalls  
The dense jungles
And the roaring rivulets
The perilous ravines
And the gentle streams  
The home of the people
With diverse folklore
The habitat of rare plants
And majestic rock in store  
The melody of folk songs
With rhythm of dances
Spread across wide pastures
And fill the thick forests  
The endemic orchids
Wide species of animals
Roam along the cliffs
The meadows et al  
The mosses and mushrooms
Wild herbs and huge trees
Taste the torrents of rainfall
With soothing cool breeze  
Feel the warm of sunlight
And the mysterious mist
In the cool of moonlight
The clouds sail to infinite  
They all love to dwell
In the bosom of this land
Nature nourishes well
With words of God to man
The diverse ethnic races
Those inhabiting the territory
With passion and praise
Staying in peace and harmony   
From Manipur to Assam
Along Arunachal and Tripura
From Nagaland to Mizoram
Across Sikkim and Meghalaya
We will sing the anthem
Of the North East India       -  November 2010


Born on 14th March 1961, painting and filmmaking since 1983. Founder- Riti Academy of Visual Arts- 1991 conduct art classes, workshops and exhibitions. THOH-SHUN- an annual art event for young artists and folk artisans; in 2007 works from northeast exhibited at Dhaka in association with Art Club Bangladesh and the Indian High Commission, Dhaka. Participated many reputed workshops and exhibitions across India. Founder Member, North East Film & TV Producers-Directors Association, Meghalaya Film Makers' Guild, MTDF (tourism sector), Meghalaya Artists' Forum, Meghalaya Adventure Association, and Art Cell (SASCOM) Shillong Arch-diocese. Made 18 films, two films nomination at Film South Asia 97- Katmandu, Nepal and 6th International Short Film Festival 98- Dhaka, Bangladesh, Pacific Asia Tourism Fair 1996- Singapore, National Tourism Festival- New Delhi 1995, and few festivals in India. Founder Media Plus- local television news channel and favourite past time is writing poetry, speleology with special interest in cave photography. Brainjam Quiz 2008 felicitated for excellence in visual art, conferred Green Warrior Award by ISB & M, Kolkata. The latest venture is a documentary film for INTACH on Rain Forest in Meghalaya. For more info log Raphael Warjri into Google.