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Book Review

Troubled Periphery -- Crisis of India's North East

By Subir Bhaumik
Sage Publication

Subir Bhaumik, BBC's Eastern India correspondent, Eminent journalist and academic researcher has covered the troubled North-East region's affairs for about three decades with an incisiveness rarely seen.

This book maps the evolution of India's North East into a constituent region of the republic and analyses the perpetual crisis in the region since Independence. It highlights how land, language and leadership issues have been the seed of contention in the North East and how factors like ethnicity, ideology and religion have shaped the conflicts. It also throws light on the major insurgencies, internal displacements, protest movements and the regional drug and weapons trade in the region. It examines 'the crisis of development' and the evolution of the polity before offering a policy framework to combat the crises.

The book includes a large body of original data, documentation and field interviews with major players as well as stakeholders. It is an important reference resource for students of politics and international relations, especially for those involved in South Asian studies and conflict studies. It is also an informative read for decision-makers, bureaucrats dealing with the North East and those involved in counter-insurgency operations in the area.

Bhaumik had earlier written the well-received book 'Insurgent Crossfire.

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