Spices exports see rise during 2010-11

During April-January 2010-11, a total of 433,455 tonnes of spices and spice products valued Rs.5485.40 crores (US$1203.30 Million) has been exported from the country as against 413,895 tonnes valued Rs. 4646.50 crores (US$ 974.57 Million) in April-January 2009-10 registering an increase of 5% in volume and 18% in rupee terms of value. In dollar terms the increase is 23%.

During April-January 2010-11, the export of chilli, ginger, fennel, garlic and other spices such as asafoetida, tamarind etc. has shown an increase both in volume and value as compared to April-January 2009-10. The export of value added product spice oils and oleoresin and curry powder/paste had also shown an increasing trend as compared to April-January 2009-10. However, in the case of pepper, cardamom (large), turmeric and mint products the increase is in terms of value only. Other spices like cardamom (small), coriander, cumin, celery, fenugreek, other seeds and nutmeg &mace have decreased both in terms of volume and value as compared to last year.  

During April-January 2010-11, a total quantity of 15,700 tonnes of pepper valued Rs.307.47 crores have been exported as against 16,295 tonnes valued Rs.269.36 crores in last year. The unit value of pepper has increased from Rs.159.15 per kg in 2009-10 to Rs.195.84 per kg during 2010-11. During April - January 2010-11, a total quantity of 780 tonnes of cardamom (Small) valued Rs. 91.19 crores as against 1540 tonnes valued Rs.120.89 crores of last year. In the case of cardamom (Small) the unit value has increased from Rs.784.80 per Kg in 2009-10 to Rs.1169.07 per kg in 2010-11. During the period a total quantity of 200,000 tonnes of  chilli valued Rs. 1255.52 crores have been exported as against 1,63,750 tonnes valued Rs. 1056.67 crores of last year, registering an increase of 22% in quantity and 19% in value. During April- January 2010-11 we have exported 10,500 tonnes of ginger valued Rs. 64.54 crores as against 4,650 tonnes valued Rs.36.68crores of last year. During the period, the export of spice oils and oleoresins has also increased to 6,000 tonnes valued Rs.729.02crores from 5,725 tonnes valued Rs.600.99 crores in last year. During April- January 2010-11 we have exported 12,250 tonnes of currypowder/paste valued Rs. 164.58 crores as against 12,000 tonnes valued Rs.158.78 crores of last year.

The export of spices from India during April- January 2010-11 has already exceeded the target in terms of value both in rupee and dollar terms. Compared to the spices export target of 465,000 tonnes valued Rs.5100.00 crores (US$1125 million) fixed for the financial year 2010-11, the achievement of 433,455 tonnes valued Rs.5485.40 crores (US$ 1203.30 million) during April-January 2010-11 is 93% in terms of quantity and 108 % in rupee value and 107% in dollar terms of value.       

Source: Spices Board  

March 2011