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Support Your Interests in North East India has an experienced and skilled team to support your interests in North East India make up of eight beautiful states.

We are ready to take up documentation, market analysis, projects and survey on praiseworthy silk materials, bamboo & craft crafts, and agro products in northeast India.

  • Survey and documentation on indigenous knowledge, usage, customs and practices.
  • Study on flora and fauna, tourism, environment, water & sanitation, solid waste management.
  • Documentation on practices of herbal and medical plant species traditionally used by the local residents.
  • Translation into Indian languages, content & speech writing, copy editing and rewriting.
  • We are looking for research projects pertaining to the survey,
  • documentation and preservation of the ethnic culture, dance, song, music and musical instruments of North-east India.
  • Survey, documentation & digitization and research of manuscripts, transcripts, scriptures and rare books on North East India.
  • Survey on social and economic issues.
  • Photographic and video documentation on above topics.

Send your requests to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.