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Army Rescues Leopard Cub from Poachers

Visma Kumar Thapa
In a rare incident the troops of 4 KUMAON of Double First Brigade in the Red Horns Division rescued a Leopard Cub from the clutches of poachers while carrying out operations in East Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

The troops operating under Col SK Dutta, Commanding Officer of 4 KUMAON rescued a leopard cub bundled inside a gunny bag in East Garo Hills. Col SK Dutta said that apparently the poachers after sensing the movement of security forces abandoned the cub and fled. The cub when rescued was in feeble condition. The jawans of Kumaon treated it back to good health. Brigadier Pankaj Sinha, SM, Commander,

Double First Brigade, as Nodal Chief Wild Life Warden handed over the Cub to Amal Chandra Sarmah, Divisional Forest Officer on 09 July 2008. Brig Sinha said that it is the duty of every person to protect the wild life & environment in addition to his primary duty. He also mentioned that the army was committed towards conservation of wildlife and that recently a baby elephant which had fallen in a dry well in district Goalpara was rescued by the troops of his brigade and restored to its parents.

Army has to operate in difficult terrain in jungles, hills and remote areas to effectively counter the terrorist designs. During the courseof their duty they often encounter situations which need action beyond the call of duty. The Army has contributed immensely towards, afforestation and wild life conservation in the region where poaching is rampant especially in the parts of Lower Asom & Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

Amal Chandra Sarmah, the DFO lauded the gesture and mentioned that it was heartening to feel the concern of the Army towards the local population & environment inspite of all the hardships faced during the course of duty. He was hopeful that in the near future normalcy will be restored in the area so that other government departments can carry out their duty without any fear of terrorism.