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Toxic gas kills brave and victim in Tripura


Agartala, August 18, 2017: In a tragic incident a brave youth gave his life in his desperate bid to rescue construction workers from toxic gas filled water reservoir. Bikram Deb could take out one worker alive, but collapsed while trying to help the other trapped inside. 

Police said construction of a building was going on at the house of one Dilip Deb at Paitur Bazar in Kailashahar sub division of Unakoti district in north Tripura. On Thursday two of the workers scaled down to the water reservoir for plastering of wall. 

Within 30 minutes of entry they started screaming resulting in arrival of house owner and others at the scene. Bikram Deb who came in the house to see his sister who was married to Dilip Deb immediately got down and pulled out one worker Abdul Malik in a sub conscious state. 

He then attempted to save other trapped worker Abdul Gani Choudhury after tying rope with latter’s body, but could not sustain long and fell on the floor. Two men died before help could reach out to them.

Fire service personnel were called, but they could not do anything for want of emergency equipments like oxygen masks. After an hour the disaster management team arrived and pulled out lifeless bodies of Bikram Deb and Abdul Gani Choudhury.

Abdul Malik was admitted in the district government hospital and his condition remained critical.

Death of two youths sent shock wave across north Tripura. Angry residents demanded action against the Fire Service personnel who were hesitant to undertake rescue operation.

Abdul Malik and Abdul Gani Choudhury were residents of Kailashahar while Bikram Deb hailed from the Dharmanagar, north Tripura district headquarters. 

Last year two contractual labourers of NBCC Limited died of toxic gases at a manhole in Indranagar of Agartala. The company had to pay huge compensation to families of the victims under a directive of the labour court.