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Manik Sarkar CPI(M) face in 2018 assembly poll


Agartala, September 10, 2017: CPI(M) has shifted from its tradition of choosing leader of legislature party after election only to project four time Chief Minister Manik Sarkar as party’s face in 2018 assembly election. Bijan Dhar has been speaking about party decision to rely on Sarkar, 67, but he has not yet uttered which forum in the party approved the decision and whether this has assent of party’s apex bodies like Politburo and the Central Committee. 

CPI(M) is undoubtedly is under pressure owing to surge of BJP and collapse of covert ally Congress in the state and nationally, and a level of anti incumbency factor. There has been a beeline of rank and file of Congress and Trinamool Congress at door of saffron party which also threw its weight to dislodge the left front government.

Its still not clear whether Manik Sarkar who has now been routinely inspecting development activities in and around Agartala ahead of election could sail through party in the hugely contested election battle. On the other BJP is confident of triumph in February 2018 election.