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Zeliang moots for Naga heritage Museum at Delhi


Kohima, September 15, 2017: During the visit of Union Minister of State for Cultural Affairs (IC) and MoS for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Dr. Mahesh Sharma to Dimapur Nagaland, the Chief Minister of Nagaland, T.R. Zeliang proposed for having a Naga Heritage Museum at Delhi besides other issues.

Zeliang put forward the suggestions to the Union Minister in his private residence at Dimapur, Friday morning on Friday, where he hosted breakfast for the visiting officials from Delhi. Governor of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, P. B.Acharya and the first lady Kavita Acharya later joined the Union Minister and his lady wife for the breakfast hosted by the Chief Minister of Nagaland and his lady wife.

Speaking to DPRO Dimapur, Zeliang informed that he has apprised the Union Minister for the need of having a Naga Heritage Museum at Delhi for showcasing the history, collection of books and the artefacts of different tribes of Nagaland. "Presently we have one Emporium in Delhi but that is very small and not properly placed," he observed.

Further, Zeliang said that he has also highlighted on the importance of having a World War Museum at Delhi along with the Naga Heritage Museum. Mentioning about the ongoing construction of Academy Hall at Kohima, the chief minister disclosed that about 70 percent of the work has been completed under SPA.

While regretting on the absence of proper Academy Hall in the state, Zeliang informed that he has requested for funds under Art & Culture for completing the unfinished construction towards which the Union Minister advised for submission of proposal for the same. Observing the museum of Kohima to be in poor state, Zeliang also said that he has mentioned for the need of improvement of Kohima Museum to the Union Minister.