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India drops mentioning ‘Rohingya’ in relief assistance


Agartala, September 18, 2017: India has launched ‘Operation Insaaniyat’ with humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh burdened with lakhs of Rohingya Muslim and Hindu refugees from strife torn Myanmar. Itall began when an Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster strategic heavy lift cargo aircraft was sent with 55 Tons of relief material to Chittagong in southeast Bangladesh. 

The union government which not yet come out with open condemnation of state sponsored military oppression on Rohingyas, committing genocide, burning down village after village, raping women of all age and driving them out of the country.

Even in official note and releases concerning relief assistance there has been no mention of Rohingya, but ‘refugees from Myanmar'. BJP led NDA government at the centre are even trying to ‘push back’ few thousand Rohingya refugees amid volatile situation in Myanmar.