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Governor hurries back to Agartala, but why?


Agartala, September 29, 2017: PMO has made Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy to cancel his trip to the United States for now and return to Agartala. Such rare involvement of the PMO fuelled all round of rumours with colours mainly directed at possible central intervention in Tripura.

With BJP desperately campaigning and displaying vigour to dislodge left front government in February 2018 assembly election, cancellation of one month long US trip of the Governor attains questions. Tathagata Roy has indicated that he received advice from the PMO to cancel the trip hours before he was to fly out of the country on Friday.

Tripura has been witnessing ethnic flare-ups and political clashes specifically between IPFT and CPI(M) at regular interval. A young television journalist killed, a private vehicle driver kidnapped and around 150 injured in recent cycle of violence.

Tension still gripped at least three districts that cast gloom in many interior locations. Massive security deployment, required to maintain peace and harmony, also added fear in minds of people.

Sources said the centre may choose to replace Tathagata Roy with someone in view of current unrest and there might be a visit of a strong team of Ministry of Home Affairs in Tripura to take stock of situation.

Nevertheless strong arguments of the insiders the central government was no ready to allow Governor Roy to take 30 days leave in dry run of assembly election which is marred by frequent violence.