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Nearly 70% long distance train restored


Maligaon, October 5, 2017: Out of 71 pairs of long distance trains, running of which had to be suspended during second week of August owing to heavy flood damage of railway tracks; 48 pairs have already been restored. Remaining services are also going to be restored in a planned way. So the news coming out in a section of media about 80% train remaining cancelled in not based on facts.

After the damage at multiple locations caused by unprecedented floods, railway officials worked 24x7 to restore the breached rail communication in various sections spreading a vast area. And as a result of their effort the direct train services from Northeast to rest of India could be started again with introduction of Goods train since August 29 and Passenger carrying trains from September 3.

Thereafter, with gradual improvement of situation, trains are being restored step by step. A detail list of trains already restored and another list of trains yet to be restored are attached for ready reference. NF Railway is trying its best to restore services of all the cancelled trains as early as possible.