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NBSE cautions against online games


Kohima, October 6, 2017: The Nagaland Board of School Education in a notification has informed for the information of Heads of Registered Institutions that very disturbing news is in the media about children falling prey to certain online games. The Board thereby has appealed to teachers, parents and elders to watch out for abnormal behaviour of children which could be attributed to playing certain games like the "Blue Whale Challenge" game.

There have been instances of young children committing suicide across the country, apparently after having played this game. There have been successful interventions by parents, teachers and friends in preventing some children from taking the extreme step of committing suicide, the release stated.

The dynamics of evils lurking in the virtual world can never be underestimated. Children's usage of internet should be monitored so that they do not succumb to cyber-bullying, online predators, identity theft, viruses & malware and other activities damaging the reputation of one.

The controllers of destructive online activities exploit children's gullibility and inquisitiveness. Parents, teachers and children should therefore be sensitized on the abuse of modern technology which could make youngsters draw psychological sustenance from such addictions.

The Government of India has taken measures to ban the "Blue Whale Challenge" game. However, all heads of registered institutions are informed to keep a close watch for abnormal and erratic behaviour of children and seek immediate intervention for behavioral or mental problems.

Report of such incidences in the school can be made known to the parents and also report such incidence on Childline at telephone number 1098 and get necessary assistance.

NBSE has requested all heads of institutions to share this information with the teachers and parents so that they can all work together to curb this menace.