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18th meeting SLSC with banks in Nagaland

Correspondent / PR

Kohima, November 15, 2017: 18th meeting of State Level Security Committee (SLSC) for Nagaland was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Abhishek Singh, IAS, Home Commissioner, Nagaland. The participants in the meeting included K P Raghuvanshi, IPS (Retd), Security Advisor, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, B K Mishra, Regional Director for North-Eastern States, RBI Guwahati, police officers, representatives of CRPF, BSNL and representatives of all Banks in Nagaland.

The meeting reviewed the security and guarding arrangements for all Bank branches, currency chests and security arrangements during movement of Treasure.

Home Commissioner Abhishek Singh observed that the guarding arrangements of currency chest branches was done by CRPFs and Nagaland Police as per the requirement of RBI.  He also stated that there are sufficient security arrangements done during the movements of treasure. 

Singh expressed satisfaction that there have been no reports of any crimes at any of the bank branches nor there has been incidents of pilferage or stealing of currency notes from ATM machines. There has been no instance of seizure of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) also. The meeting also reviewed the monestisation of Bank branches in the State of Nagaland post demonestisation.

It was observed that post demonetisation almost Rs 3044 Crores of Specified Bank Notes was deposited in the currency chests of Nagaland. Against this RBI has sent new currency notes of various denominations amounting to almost Rs 4483 crores in the currency chests of the State. Thus there is no shortage of currency notes in the State.

RBI informed that Final Approval for opening of Currency Chest at Longleng has been accorded to SBI and SBI was asked to take necessary steps to operationalise the same.

Home Commissioner asked Banks to ensure operationalisation of temporary ATMs at Kisama for Hornbill Festival. Further Banks were requested to ensure sufficient liquidity in the ATMs and Bank Branches in view of the enhanced needs of Tourists during Hornbill Festival. Banks should also install additional PoS machines and encourage Digital Payments during the Hornbill Festival.

Abhisek Singh directed all the banks to submit the details of pending security bills of all branches not covered under Special destination scheme.  All banks are directed to submit these details on or before 14.12.2017.  Further a committee was constituted under Special Secretary (Home) to review the security requirements of the 177 Bank branches in the State and to determine which branches would need security fee waiver.

Normally branches in commercial locations are expected to meet the security costs themselves. Home Commissioner also directed BSNL to see the functionality of hotline communications in 4 (four) chest banks immediately.