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ONGC operations hit by heavy rain

PR / Correspondent

Agartala, June 12, 2018: Operational activities of ONGC in Tripura have been affected severely as rain played havoc in the state. The drilling location KHBP, in Pechartal area of Unakoti district has been badly affected by torrential rains. 

The Rig site area is flooded by rain water resulting in partial submerging of drilling equipment including powerpacks, Mudpumps, SCR etc. The water level at the drill site is continuously rising These problems Places the water level at around 6 FaitkThe crew has been evacuated to nearby safer places. 

However the well is kept in safe and secure position with the installation of X mass tree.

ONGC sources also informed that, another drill site in Panisagar area of North Tripura is also badly damaged.