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Rahul Gandhi says youths to change prospect of northeast

Correspondent, Agartala, India
Rahul Gandhi in his maiden visit to Tripura on Tuesday called youths in restive northeast India to participate in politics in last number and build future of the area. The young general secretary of Congress party attached importance to the vision to see India in one entity without any regional bias.  

“We need more tribal and schedule caste youths in Congress, nobody should be left out”, Gandhi told newsmen during interaction with media in Agartala, the city which was visited by his father, grandmother and great grand father a number of times at their capacity as prime minister of the country.  

The leader in charge of youth congress and NSUI was slated for a visit in Arunachal Pradesh to boost his party ahead of state's assembly elections, but he had to cancel the journey due to bad weather and arrived in Agartala much ahead of the schedule. In the afternoon he flew to Manu - a tribal infested locality in remote Dhalai district of Tripura.  

Rahul Gandhi who was mainly visiting the state to revitalize the party and oversee election process of the youth Congress attracted huge crowds in his interaction with party workers and leaders at Manu and Agartala. Besides special protection group (SPG), state police and Tripura state rifles (TSR) were deployed in strength in places of his movement.  

Gandhi hoped that even in CPI(M) ruled Tripura his party through huge participation of youths would become a strong force. Stating that he is aware of political situation in Tripura he said; “Give us some time”.  

Speaking on organizational elections for which Tripura has been chosen as a sixth state after Punjab, Gujarat, Domon & Diu, Pandicherry and Tamilnadu he claimed that the concept of appointing office bearers through elections was a success in states already witnessed the process.  

“The work has given tremendous results in last (Lok Sabha) elections. In Punjab the results were excelled owing to sustained efforts”, he said. When asked to ventilate his message for the youths of his party in the region Rahul Gandhi said they should work and raises pro-people issues.    October 6, 2009