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Mejen Rongpang released

A Correspondent
Kohima, October 14, 2010: Mejen Rongpang, a book on the tales and myths of the Aos was released in Kohima by Chairman NIDC, Nüklutoshi. Speaking on the occasion as the Chief Guest, Nuklutoshi said that the forefathers handed down oral history to the generation and in the process the community must have lost some good record over the years. At such, he said the Ao Students' Union Kohima, ASUK has come out with a noble thought to keep the oral stories of the forefathers documented and said it is a great effort made by the younger generation to preserve the legend and tradition of the community.  

He expressed hope that the legendary storybook will act as a good source and a great benefit for the future generation to get closer to knowing their history and roots. He encouraged the young scholars to take full advantage of the literature which would pave the way to flourish Ao literature not only in the State but to try and take the effort a step further for others to learn through means of technology. The Chief Guest categorically expressed his appreciation to the Kohima Ao Students' Union for bringing back the legend and tales to the new age and expressed hoped that this would bridge the gap between the past and the present.  

Vice President, Ao Senden Martsungba, also spoke on the occasion appreciated the effort of the publisher and said that the release of the book speak volumes of the vision the young generation has for the community and urged the youth to continuously keep themselves updated with learning the history and ideologies of the forefathers.