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Durga puja festival ends with traditional fervor

BY Ramananda Roy Acharjee
Agartala, October 17, 2010: Bijoya Dashami marks the end of grand festival of Durga Puja. Though the big budget Pujas are to remain for one more day or two, pujas organized at the household and those of the small clubs and habitats are being emerged today. The religious rites of emersion are however performed by the priest everywhere. In Agartala, the ceremonial immersions have already been performed in the morning.  

The idols are then kept open for the married women who bid farewell by exchanging vermillion and sweets. All the married women of the locality assembled at the pandal with the vermillion casket on their tray and then the whole affairs becomes reddish by the flaming red tone of vermillion smeared all over the faces of the women irrespective of age, caste and creed.  

The idols are being emerged at the Dasmamighat by the river Howrah. The festivity of last four days being over, Bijoya Dashami set a tune of departure and separation as the goddesses generally connived as the daughter of a Bengali family, leave for her in-laws' place after the annual stay of four days at the father's house. While Dussehra celebrated for symbolizing the victory of truth over untruth and good over evil is also being celebrated in Tripura along with other parts of the country.  

Effigies of Ravana are to be consigned to flames at many places in Tripura but the main festival of Dussehra was teken at ONGC Complex of Agartala. Today during Dashami, the main attraction was the procession of Agartala Durgabari where musical bands belonging to State Police, Folk dancers had made the procession very colourful. With a heavy heart everybody requested Devi Durga come again next year to inspire us to work for peace, unity and of the country and to strengthen the spirit of harmony and oneness.