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Shillong Autumn Festival ends

A Correspondent
Shillong, November 23, 2010: The Shillong Autumn festival came to an end after a stupendous celebration over two days in which the colour of northeast was in full display. There were several surprises too for the visitors, including the magnificent fire display by artistes from UK and Russia and the majestic canvas painting by eminent and fine artists from all over the North Eastern States.  

The community Art Workshop was conducted by Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum (MTDF) member and artist, Raphael Warjri, Rembrandt I Kharnaior, Benedict Skhemlang Hynniewta and Thomas Mylliemumlong of Meghalaya, Panger Onen and Lima Aonok of Nagaland, Henba Temsuba and Imobi Sharma of Manipur, Noni Borpujari, Kishore Kumar Das and Shyamalee Chaliha of Assam, Muran Mog and Devdas Debbarma of Tripura and Ms C Laltanpui and Sapkaikailiana of Mizoram. The artists painted together in a huge canvas which was later auctioned at Rs two lakh.  

The local boat racing and archery competition too enhanced the atmosphere. The harmony of folk songs and contemporary music, the rhythm of folk and modern dances with the fashion display of ethnic costumes in up to date trend fascinated every visitor.  

Although there is a blend of local and overseas performances; the first day displayed more on the local ambience and the second day it showcased the diverse cultures of the North Eastern Region of India. The music bands comprise of Alive from Sikkim and the local bands Afflatus, Street Stories and Somersault from Shillong enthralled the audience.  

The fashion show was choreographed and presented by Daniel Syiem, a local fashion designer who also made a mark at Bangkok fashion hub.