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“Women should get $1000 a month for their hard work”


Agartala, February 8, 2019: “Women play an important role in the stability of family and nation. Women can be described as backbone of Agricultural prosperity. Hard work of women has strengthened Indian Agro-based economy”, said Arup Debbarma, Director of Horticulture & Soil Conservation, Tripura. He was speaking at the 3rd state level workshop on Gender Budgeting and Women Empowerment, sponsored by Ministry of Women and Children Development, Govt. of India.

Prof. V.L. Dharurkar, Vice Chancellor, Tripura University analysed that Gender budgeting would lead towards a new change.

“Women have now become conscious about their rights and their socio-political awareness will be useful for strengthening social democracy in the future”, said Prof Dharurkar. He also opined that Indian women should be given 1000 $ per month for compensating their hard work 4.30 AM to 10.30 PM. 

Dr. Rajib Gosh, Asst. Director, Director of Horticulture & Soil Conservation discussed Tripura Women’s vital role in Agriculture. He emphasised that Indian women should be actively involved in all activities like women of Israel.

 While participating in the panel discussions Dhaka based international organisation, OXFAM, representative Tapas Ranjan Chakrabarty said, Women are key factor in Agricultural development in South Asia. They should be technologically strengthened by providing ICT based education.

Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, Department of Rural Studies, Coordinator of the workshop introduced the workshop and discussed about the importance of Women Empowerment in Rural Areas. 

Assistant Professor of Dr. Lalfakzuali, proposed vote of thanks. After the programme Arun Debbarma planted some Dragon Fruits and orange plants in the campus.

The last workshop will be conducted on 12th February and will inaugurate the same.