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Tourism is one field, which is one of the most upcoming, and sought after attraction in today’s world which not only offers respite and pleasure to the visitors but enhances the economy of the state as well. Nagaland has been promoting and developing tourism to keep pace with the rest of the world but it still has a long way to go, though in recent years many tourists from different countries are seen in our state capital and other parts of Nagaland more often than before.

The measures taken by the state government in promoting and propagating tourism is very laudable. As tourism in the state has been privatized, the government depends much on travel agencies and tour operators to monitor the travels and also cater to the needs of tourists. In our state the Nagaland Tourism Association is the only nodal organization, which monitors the travel programme of tourists. They are networking with the All India Travels Association. In this regard, the NTA has been striving to promote tourism as well as encourage the youths to come forward and avail the job opportunities that tourism offers. Any interested person can become a member of the association with a membership fee of Rupees five hundred only and may contact their office at the NST complex, Kohima.

Nagaland has the potential to promote tourism provided that we take into account what it takes to be a tourist friendly country. We need to preserve our culture, heritage and tradition, which connect us to the past glorious days of our forefathers. We can salvage our repute of honesty, integrity and hospitality if we sincerely apply these principles in our lives.

Preservation of nature and its resources is another aspect, which needs to be taken seriously for promoting tourism and sustenance. Khonoma is one such good example where one can find nature and its environment untainted, chaste and pollution free. Many research scholars prefer to do their research work here in the Tragopan Sanctuary, as it is the most ideal place.

Nagaland is one such place, which offers a variety of options for sightseeing but still needs to be exposed. Each place has a story to tell each tribe with their own district culture, steeped with legends and folklores making it quite fascinating and unique on its own. Efforts should be contributed jointly to promote these places as this will not only be a tourist attraction but also help in generating income and create employment avenues.

Some essential ‘must dos’ for enhancement of tourism, which needs to be worked upon.

1. Guesthouses, restaurants, hotels etc should be clean and hygienic.

2. Regarding transportation, vehicles should be pre-checked and be in running order. In case of breakdowns, alternative measures should be arranged before hand. Clean and comfortable car is a must, as most travelers prefer to ride in them.

3. Respect and courtesy should be practiced from the taxi driver to the people in general for whatever we do or say will reflect on our image as ‘Naga’ which invariably will prove to be either a boon or a bane to us.

4. Most preferably, Naga indigenous cuisines should be served besides continental or whatever the requirement of the customers.

5. Networking system of all counterpart agencies should be very systematic and efficient.

6. Tourist resorts and tourist villages should be always prepared to do anything, associated with tourism at a moment’s notice. Khonoma and Tuophema villages are two good examples of this.

7. The government and other agencies should provide proper information regarding R.A.P./ I.L.P for procurement by the intending tourists.

8. All details regarding contact numbers, rate charges should be available in pamphlets and websites on the Internet for the intending tourists.

Preservation of nature and its resources, cultural heritage, practice of courtesy and civility, clean and hygienic environment and proper infrastructure will create the right ambience that will be an added advantage.

Taking all these into consideration, the prospect of tourism in Nagaland looks bright and with concerted efforts of the government, private agencies, co-operation of the general public, media and advertisements, we can make our state one of the most interesting and attractive tourist destination.

Courtesy: DIPR, Nagaland                     August 2007