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Ranee Narah is tribal affairs minister

Correspondent, Guwahati, October 29, 2012: Ranee Narah who was inducted in the union cabinet has taken

 over as the Minister of States for Tribal affairs. She was elected to 12th Lok Sabha in 1998 and reelected to 13th Lok Sa

Narah was the Member of Consultative Committee of ministries of Communications and Petroleum and Natural Gas. She was also member of various important committees like committees on Urban and Rural Development, Defence, Transport, Tourism and Culture.bha in 1999 and 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 from Assam state.

She was Captain of Assam Women` cricket team.

“Ishu” at Cinekid market

Correspondent . New Delhi, October 22: In what could be described as a highly-encouraging news for Indian children's cinema, a script that takes a look at the issue of witch hunting as seen by a small Assamese kid has found itself to be the only non-European project chosen for the co-production market of Cinekid, the world's largest film, TV and cross-media festival for children. 

Adapted from acclaimed Assamese writer Manikuntala Bhattacharjya's children's novel “Ishu” by National Award-winning film critic Utpal Borpujari, the script, also titled “Ishu”, is among the 15 film projects chosen to be presented before a high-profile panel of co-producers, distributors and sales agents who will descend from all over the world at Cinekid Junior Co-Production Market for four days on October 23 & 26, the final two days of the Cinekid Festival which started on October 17. 

The selection of “Ishu”, which thus becomes the only representative of all the continents outside Europe at the event, was done by Cinekid for Professionals (CfP), which also chose 15 TV and 10 cross-media projects - again all from only Europe - for children for the Co-production market.  

“I think the selection is a great news not only for children's cinema of India as a whole but also for Assamese and North-East Indian cinema, where only a few children's films have been made over the years. If everything goes well, and the funds are in place, I plan to shoot the film in the near future,” says Delhi-based Borpujari. 

“At the same time, I am aware that securing funds to make an Assamese film is not that easy, so I am keeping my fingers crossed,” he says. The film's script is under consideration of the Children's Film Society, India, (CFSI). “I am awaiting their decision, depending on which I will decide if I have to look for financing of the film in Assam,” he adds.  

The story of Ishu is set in the Rabha community, and Delhi-based Borpujari intends to shoot this Assamese film in Rabha villages near Goalpara. “I have already visited a few Rabha villages near Agia, and I am in touch with noted theatre director Sukracharya Rabha from whose Badungduppa Natya Kendra I plan to source quite a few of the film's actors so that I remain true to the backdrop of the film, particularly as Rabha's theatre group comprises mostly Rabha villagers whom he has trained in various facets of theatre,” he says.

Political heat over blast conspiracy charge

Correspondent, Agartala, October 19, 2012: Congress has accused senior CPI(M) leaders including Chief Minister Manik Sarkar of spreading panic ahead of the Duga puja - largest religious festival in the region which gets off Saturday. The main opposition party in Tripura saw ulterior design in the rhetoric of the ruling party leaders to extract mileage in ensuing assembly elections slated for February next year.

Chief Minister Sarkar and a few other CPI(M) leaders have been claiming for some days that the underground extremists have plotted to carry out explosions and subversive attacks during festival time. They cited reported confession of some arrested extremists to back their statements which also alleged nefarious alliance between the extremists groups and parties in opposition.

“This is dangerous. Chief Minister who is also holding home portfolio has joined his rank to spread rumour and panic to spoil festival mood of the public”, leader of opposition Ratan Lal Nath told newsmen at the party headquarters. He refuted allegation of alleged nexus with the extremists and presented evidence and police reports to substantiate tie between CPI(M) and the underground extremists.

“We fear that CPI(M) is involved in a disastrous plan to subvert the festival and cause devastation”, Nath flanked by senior party leaders stated and appealed people to remain alert while not getting panic stricken.

Meanwhile CPI(M) MP from West Triprua Khagen Das followed suit of his party leaders when he said extremists are trying to detonate explosion in crowded areas. CPI(M) leaders countered Congress on Friday saying they are trying to alert general public after arrested extremists confessed of 'explosion plot' in Agartala city and other places.

Amid political charge and counter charge police has appealed people not to fall prey to any remour. The police headquarters in a statement informed that massive security arrangements including commissioning of CCTV and sophisticated gadgets have been taken to ensure peace during Durga puja.

A total 2531 community Durga puja including 251 in Agartala city have been arranged in the state this year.

World War II grenades found in Raj Bhavan

Correspondent, Kohima, September 21, 2012: Five live hand grenades and a rusted helmet were found in Raj Bhavan (Governor House) compound at Kohima while digging in the garden recently. The grenades were handed over to the bomb disposal squad for diffusing.


The location of Raj Bhavan at Kohima, capital of Nagaland state, was the main battle field area during the II World War. In the past also huge quantities of hand grenades, rifles, soldiers' kit found besides full human skeletons during the construction of buildings in Raj Bhavan compound.


It may be recalled that World War II caused widespread death and destruction throughout the world. Estimates vary but more than 6 crore people died making it the deadliest conflict in human history.

Tourism at power project site

Correspondent, Agartala, September 14, 2012: Boosted with upcoming huge thermal power plants, Tripura state government is contemplating to windup the lone small hydro electric power installation at Damboor in south Tripura. The government has sent a project to the DoNER ministry to develop Damboor as a place of tourist attraction. 

Senior government officials recently held a meeting to discuss proposals and prospects on the 42 square kilometer site as a potential place to promote rural tourism. The reservoir has presently come down to an estimated 25km squire mile as water dried out over the years.

The state government officials however not speaking anything towards closure of the hydle installation that is currently generating around 10megawatt which is around 5 percent of state's demand at peak time. “I am not aware of any such proposal. The production from Damboor is also important as the state is facing power crisis”, an official of Triprua State Electricity Corporation said.

Tripura government has prepared an ambitious tourism package surrounding the lake and valleys at Damboor mainly to attract travelers from other parts of India as well as abroad. Experts opined
that the site could be an ideal place for tourism due its favorable climate, landscape, lake and numerous tiny islands on the reservoir.

Installations of several gas based power projects and forthcoming projects at Palatana and Monarchak made Damboor installation insignificant. By July 2013 Palatana project in south Tripura which is a joint initiative of ONGC, Tripura government and Union Power Ministry would produce 726megawatt and 104megawatt from NEEPCO project at Monarchak in west Tripura.

The Damboor project was commissioned in 1974 after the state government evicted several thousand tribal dwellers inviting continued protests. Rehabilitation of the Reang evacuees, mainly from primitive Reang tribe, remained a sensitive issue in the state even after many years.

Fazl Ali College celebrates golden jubilee

Correspondent. Kohima, September 11, 2012: The Students Union of Fazl Ali College, the oldest college and one of the premier colleges in Nagaland state celebrated its fifty years of existence with the theme 'Learning to lead'. The daylong celebration was held in the college auditorium with a renewed commitment to unlock the doors of academic excellence and get wings of aspirations.

Nagaland Home minister Imkong L. Imchen, who was the chief guest at the function in his address said he was happy to see the college marching forward to fulfill its dream of achieving academic excellence and paid rich tributes to the teaching community for their commitment to shape the destiny of their students.

"There is no doubt this college had produced prominent leaders over the years", he said, adding that Fazl Ali College has reason to take pride in being one of the best colleges in the state. Sharing his happiness with the students' community, Imkong cautioned them not to give importance on other activities but to focus on their studies to fulfill their goals.

Dr. I. Lanu Aier, Professor, Department of Sociology, NEHU, an alumnus of the college in his greeting said Fazl Ali College has grown like a mighty oak and has played a leading role in the state. He was General Secretary of the Students Union 1975-76. President, ANCSU, Vilhouseilie also spoke on the occasion.

The participants on the occasion, many of whom were alumni, were held spellbound as the students presented jubilee events such as Why, Why not, Echoes from the past, Three smiles and Oneness. Principal FAC, Kuholi Chishi, who is also the President of the Students Union delivered the welcome address.

Rubber cultivation growing

PIB. New Delhi, September 6, 2012: Minister of State of Commerce and Industry Jyotiraditya M. Scindia informed Rajya Sabha that rubber cultivated area increased by 3.6% in 2011-12 over the previous year. The annual growth rate of rubber cultivated area in 2011-12 is comparable to the growth rates recorded in the two previous years at 3.6% and 3.7% respectively.

Decision on planting rubber is mainly influenced by rubber prices. During 11th Five Year Plan, subsidy for new planting and replanting of Rubber was 20% of development cost of raising rubber plantations in traditional regions (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and 25% of the development cost in non-traditional regions including North East. However, the Twelfth Plan proposals have not yet been finalised.

The rate of subsidy for new planting and replanting of rubber in traditional regions during 11th Plan was Rs.19,500 per ha. The rate of subsidy of new planting and replanting of rubber in non-traditional regions including North East during 11th Plan was Rs.22,000 per ha.

As per the Rubber Board studies, the estimates of development/cultivation cost per ha of rubber plantations at 2011-12 prices in traditional, non-traditional other than North East and North East regions are Rs.3,13,000, Rs.2,30,000 and Rs.2,14,500 per ha respectively.

Assam media attacks condemned

Correspondent. Guwahati, August 29, 2012: Several media persons' organizations have expressed their concern at the increasing trend of unprovoked attacks on journalists on duty in Assam. They were unanimous while condemning the attacks and threats on the media persons during the day long Assam Bandh on August 28 called by All Assam Minority Students' Union and other organizations, which turned violent in various places.

The dawn-to-dusk Assam Bandh, which was followed by another 12 hour long general strike called by Bajrang Dal on the previous day, demanding President's Rule in Assam resulted in the clashes between the supporters and general people. Moreover, media persons on duty were targeted by the Bandh supporters in Barpeta, Barama, Goalpara, Chamaguri and Tejpur.

Four Assam based journalists' organizations came out with strong reactions against the attack on media persons during the day long Bandh. In separate statements, Journalists' Forum Assam, Electronic Media Forum Assam, Assam Photo Journalist Association and Assam Union of Working Journalists have urged the authority to nab the culprits immediately.
“Several journalists were attacked by the supporters of Assam Bandh in different parts of the State. Amulya Nath of News Live channel was brutally attacked by AAMSU supporters and his camera was also snatched away by the miscreants. Similarly four other journalists were attacked by Bandh supporters in Barpeta, Barama and Marigaon.
In another incident a news paper delivery van was set to fire by miscreants in Tezpur,” stated by a released signed by Rajib Bhattacharjee of Assam Photo Journalist Association. The statement of Journalists' Forum Assam added that the media has to play a responsible role in the time of crisis.

Red ribbon train at Dimapur

Correspondent. Dimapur, August 21, 2012: "The Red Ribbon Train phase III" the special exhibition train which comprises of seven coaches has recently marked a two day halt at Dimapur Railway Station. Governor of Nagaland, Nikhil Kumar who was the chief guest for the inaugural programme said the Red Ribbon Express is a commendable initiative as it has proved to be very popular and drawn good response from the public.

“It is a determined efforts because India was fairly high in infection, the last ten years the AIDS prevalence rate decline in India is 50% and is globally appreciated to the Government of India and the people involves, to all  the Non Governmental organization's (NGO's) and the stakeholders for the concern”, he said. Governor told as through their concern efforts general public were benefited. Governor also said the concern efforts have also specially focused to those living in a below poverty line.

Nagaland Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Kuzholuzo Nienu, in his key note address said, the Red Ribbon Express Train is the world largest multimedia, multi- sectoral mass mobilization campaign to main stream the issue of HIV/AIDS through the train. The campaign has completed its two phase successfully and has embark on another journey.

The third phase of the Red Ribbon Express was launched with the objective to disseminate information regarding primary prevention of HIV services, develop and understanding about the infection to reduce stigma & discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, strengthen people's knowledge about the measures to be taken to prevent HIV/AIDS and adopting preventive health habits and lifestyle.

The third phase of RRE launched at Delhi on the January 12 last will traverse through 162 halt point in 25 states.

Historic troupe in I Day

Correspondent Kohima, August 16, 2012: Eleven members of the historic 1961 cultural troupe attended the Independence Day celebrations at the State level function held at the Secretariat Plaza in Kohima. 34 members of the Dzulhami village dance troupe has participated at the Indian Republic Day celebration in New Delhi in 1961 representing the Naga Hills and Tuensang Areas that later came to be called as Nagaland.

Thirteen members are still alive and eleven of them attended the programme, namely, Zuneyi Shijo, Muleyi Shijo, Mucheyi Nyekha, Vetsulhu Shijo, Poprunu Shijo, Veduyi Ringa, Sokhruyi Ringa, Chekhwutso Naroh, Vechoyi Naroh, Rudyi Vasa and I Mulhapru Ringa. The occasion in 1961 was graced by Queen of England, Elizabeth II as chief guest.

During the cultural display from different states, apparently the Queen was impressed by the folk/cultural dance performed by the Dzulha Cultural Troupe that she was said to have requested them to perform again. The troupe reportedly secured second position for their performances.

The Dzulha Cultural Troupe had the rare honour of attending a dinner party hosted by then Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru where Veduyi Ringa presented a headgear to the Prime Minister. They also had the opportunity to have a photo session with President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.