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Rohingya nationals detained in Agartala

A Correspondent
Agartala, March 3, 2011:  Police have arrested ten Burmese nationals after arriving in Agartala from Bangladesh on Thursday. Eight men and two women were picked up from a rail station outskirt of city and were kept at East Agartala police station for questioning.  

“They are Rohingya Muslims and had entered India after paying a 'fixer' on Bangladesh side of the border. They claimed they wanted to travel to a bigger city in India for search of work”, a police officer said.  

In past several ethnic Rohingya men and women were arrested in Agartala and elsewhere of Tripura on charge of illegal entry. Most of them hailed from refugee camps in Cox Bazar area of southeast Bangladesh.

100 years of Naga dictionary

A Correspondent
Kohima, March 1, 2011: Ao Naga Dictionary, written by no other than Rev. Dr Clark during his stay at Molungyimsen, the first Christian in Nagaland state completes one hundred years. To mark the occasion, Ao Baptist Church Council (ABAM) Literature and Education Board organized a special service at Molungyimsen village where all

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Assam - Naga peace meet on Feb 25

A Correspondent
Kohima, February 21, 2011: To strengthen the age-old socio-cultural and economic relationship between Assam and Ao Naga, the Ao Senden has taken an initiative to organize Assam-Ao Naga Peace and confidence building meet at Tsuremen village in Mokokchung district of Nagaland on February 25 next.  

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New holidays in Nagaland

A Correspondent
Kohima, February 11, 2011: The Nagaland Government has declared the 2nd & 4th Saturdays as holidays and all other Saturdays of the month as working days. The working hours shall be from 9:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m on all working days.  

Earlier Saturdays were holidays in Nagaland.  

The holidays for 4 days on account of Durga Puja and 10 days on account of Christmas and New Year are restored according to a government notification came into immediate effect.

1000 core Indian investment in Bangladesh

Mithu Choudhury
Guwahati, February 7, 2011: Bangladesh Commerce Minister, Md Farrukh Khan was the Chief Guest in the International Buyers Sellers Meet on 4th of February ,organized

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India accords status to eunuch

A Correspondent
Agartala, January 5, 2011: For the first time eunuch and sex workers are to be enrolled in separate categories as Indian's largest administrative exercise Census 2011 begins on February 9. The 15th census of the country and 7th since independence would act as major source of comprehensive data on demography, economic activity, literacy & education, language, religion, migration and different social aspects.  

“This section of society (eunuch) through their sustained agitation gained a right to be enumerated separately. They would be listed under Code 3 during census”, Director of Census Operation in Tripura Dilip Acharjee told newsmen Saturday. He added that similarly the sex workers would sneak into the list in 'others' category.  

Acharjee informed that hitherto eunuchs were taken as 'male' in the census while the sex workers in 'baggers' column. He opined that introduction of separate codes for these hapless people and data will help the government to prepare welfare programmes for them.  

In Tripura 7,300 enumerators under control of 1284 supervisors would work relentlessly to complete the census by midnight of February 28. They will also enumerate Indians residing other side of the barbed wire fence along the border with Bangladesh and hundreds of Reang tribe refugees languishing in makeshift camps in Kanchanpur of North Tripura district provided Mizoram  

Dilip Acharjee stated that four types of people would be covered in the census like 1. normal urban and rural residents, 2. hostel, hotel, hospital, old age home, orphanage, boat and prison inmates, 3. houseless and vagabond and 4. military, paramilitary forces and intelligence agency personnel. The security and intelligence campuses are described as restricted and thus their enumeration would be done by responsible staffs from within.  

Census operation officials said separate caste census will be taken up expectedly between June and September next for recording them into National Population Register. They add the statistics of disabled people in Tripura was poorly recorded in 2001 census and this time a comprehensive questionnaire on disabilities has been prepared.  

The President of India would release the population profile of the country at a ceremony in New Delhi in third week of March.

Reserve Bank board meeting in Agartala

A Correspondent
Agartala, January 31, 2011: The Reserve Bank of India is to hold its next central board meeting in Agartala - third so far in the northeastern region. Tripura government officials hailed decision of the RBI that also contemplates to open an office in each state capital of the region.

A senior official of the Guwahati based regional office of the RBI has informed that the annual central board meeting is very important in terms of chalking out new strategies, discuss financial situation of the country, adopt policies and review shortcomings. The meeting in Agartala is slated for May 19.

RBI Governor, four deputy governors, four executive directors and all regional directors of the country would join the meeting. “Besides twenty members odd central board and twenty more senior dignitaries and officers would participate”, the official informed.

Hitherto Guwahati was a common venue for the central board meeting and Shillong was chosen for once. Apart from the dignitaries a good number of RBI officers and staffs would camp in Agartala to oversee the arrangements and support the very important meeting.

The decision of the RBI to hold yet another central board meeting in northeast India is likely to give a boost to the banking sector in the region. State governments and bank authorities have already welcomed a significant decision of the RBI to open an office in every state capital of the region.

Tripura revenue minister Badal Choudhury expressed satisfaction on the resolution of the RBI to expand offices in the region.

Authorities of the northeastern states now hope to get clear guideline and support from the RBI to check menace of cheat funds that are spoiling market of the nationalised banks and financial institutions in the northeast as well as ruining common people.

Northeast to join movement against corruption

A Correspondent
Agartala, January 27, 2011: Prominent members of civil society and intellectuals have called for steady movement against menace of corruption in India. They have invited people from all sections of society to join rallies all over the country on January 30 to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's martyrdom.  

Guwahati is lone venue in northeast India of 25 cities selected for the programme on the day in 1948 father of nation was shot by the assassin.  

The main motive of the movement is to push for JAN-LOKPAL bill for setting up of a central Lokpal and state level Lokayukta - independent constitutional bodies to keep guard over corruption and having full power to prosecute administrative, politics and corporate equally.  

Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by recognised people including JM Lyngdoh, Kiran  Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal  among others and supported by Baba Ramdev, Shri Shri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, Swami Agnivesh,  Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Santosh Hegde and prominent citizens of India. This bill is drafted such as to create a separate constitutional body with full prosecution rights over politicians, bureaucrats and corporate.  

The same type of bill has also been presented by the government but certain important changes into original paper made it just a showpiece. Distinguished citizens have called for massive peoples' movement to show solidarity to push this bill for amendment in place of government's lokpal bill.  

The main march is slated from Ramlila Maidan to Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on January 30 at 1 PM. However the support for it is coming from all over the country through rallies, protests, peace marches, sit-backs etc in major cities all over the country.  

The northeast India has also taken the lead to show its solidarity against corruption and in support of Jan-Lokpal Bill introduction and protest of govt.-introduced Lokpal Bill. People from all sections of society would walk for three hours in the afternoon at Guwahati city.

New estimates for Tripura power project

New Delhi, January 27, 2011:  The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the Revised Cost Estimate of Tripura Gas Based Power Project [100 MW (nominal) +20%], Monarchak in West Tripura being implemented by North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) amounting to Rs. 623.44 crore.  

This includes interest amount of Rs. 51.09 crore during construction at November 2009 price level. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in 36 months from July 2010.

The project will be completed with a debt-equity ratio of 70:30. While the equity portion shall be met through NEEPCO's internal resources, the debt portion shall be arranged through Commercial Borrowings.

The power generated from the project will be supplied to Tripura. The project would contribute to the economic development of the State by providing 100 MW power and direct and indirect employment to the local population.  

Being a combined cycle power station by using natural gas, the plant shall be of high efficiency and also environmentally compatible project, with negligible emission.  

This project will mitigate the problem of power shortage in the northeastern region and the consequent need for import of power particularly during the winter seasons. The project will improve the hydro-thermal mix in the region and the country.

India restricts movement of Burmese nationals

A Correspondent
Kohima, January 25, 2011: Indian authorities have restricted movement of Burmese nationals beyond the set jurisdiction in northeastern part of the country. The Nagaland state government has made a fresh announcement in a

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