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It’s time to learn Hindi in Mizoram

Ratnadeep Choudhury
Just a decade ago, Hindi- the national language of the country, was a language that the common masses of Mizoram were reluctant to speak. But now things have started to turn around with Mizos accepting Hindi in a big way.

While the writ-large influence of Christian missionaries on the education environ of the state left Hindi with no breeding ground, the period of militancy had then injected an 'Anti-Hindi' sentiments among the masses.  After restoration of peace in the state way back in 1985, people of Mizoram have tried to match the rest of the country in every sphere and have actually out passed many developed state of the country in literacy. Now the State government has taken fresh initiative to popularize the national language – Hindi. " There was a time when people here did not like Hindi, I mean some regional sentiment were prevalent but after coming in more contact with the rest of country people here have realized that with good knowledge of English if Mizos can speak better Hindi then there will be no stopping them. " said Lanlwanpui, a student in Aizwal.

The Government of Mizoram has included Hindi in the school curriculum till standard seven and plans to include it till standard ten. Common masses in Mizoram have also realized the fact that knowing Hindi could be of great help in the future, including employment and cultural exchange since a huge chunk of youths from the state move out to other states in search of job and higher education. "We are the citizens of India. For the integrity of India, we should learn Hindi. As after crossing Mizoram, we can't even do shopping," said C. Darlianthanga, the President of the Hindi Teachers Association in Mizoram told a news agency. Recently, a special seminar was organized on the promotion of languages at Aizwal in which not only academicians, but also school and college students participated with great enthusiasm, a news agency reported.

The introduction of Hindi as a subject will also open employment avenues for youths as Hindi teachers. The northeastern state, presently, has two Hindi training colleges that offer a Bachelor's degree in Education apart from a two years diploma course in Hindi.

Mizoram has over 401 posts for high school Hindi teachers, around 826 posts for the middle school Hindi teachers and 1187 posts at the primary level. In all, 2414 posts for Hindi teachers are vacant. The state also possesses an adequate pool of trained teachers to be inducted in these vacant posts. Over 3,000 Mizo students have taken up Hindi training courses at the under graduate and post-graduate levels in different colleges.

The Zoramthanga government has taken special impetus for the popularization of Hindi. "Ten years back, people didn't give importance to Hindi compared to other subjects and other languages. In fact, in the past, people regarded Hindi as irrelevant and of no value since they thought it did not have any prospects. Even to some extent, the Hindi language was ridiculed, but now with the initiative of the state government people are accepting the language," said a senior officer of Mizoram education department.

Experts feels the knowledge of proper Hindi will not only go on to broaden the outlook of the Mizos but act as a bridge of getting them connected with the rest of India and nurture national sentiments.                                                                               July 2008

Ratnadeep Choudhury is a freelance journalist based at Agartala, the capital of Northeastern state of Tripura. He writes on various issues related to the Northeast. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.