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The Dynamics of Elections Today

Dominic Yazokie
Elections in Nagaland today have turned into a vicious vortex, affecting the entire society in its involvement, its economy, its harmony, its growth and its morality. The elections designed to mandate policy makers of the society into its polity, has denigrated to mere opportunism.

The elections mean everyone has to either be here of there, this party, this candidate or that, and openly too. There is no room for ambiguity and by the rules of majority democracy, the minority or loners are ostracized. And just towing the majority line without tides, dias sharing and rhetoric speeches is branded as duplicity, the involvement is total.

The whopping amounts spent during elections on eating and drinking is amazing. The dry State is flooded with liquor flowing in freely from the neighbouring States and without hindrances at the check gates. The meat supply, all come from as far as U.P., Haryana and Delhi. The money spent by the candidates is therefore a drain out of economy since nobody gets established with the money. The three ‘M’s’ in Nagaland are Money, Modhu and Monso.

The people are electing their leaders not on consideration of their principles, their honesty, their vision and good qualities but more on the amount they have been paid. And by the polling day all the candidates are reduced to pecuniary penury. The defeated candidates sometimes become paupers while the victorious one recuperates by pinching money from developmental projects for their areas or Departments. This is where corruption seed is sown and the voters are like the biblical Esau who exchanged his birth right for a bowl of porridge. They should have been like Prophet Samuel who anointed David from among the sons of Jesse.

The Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and M.L.A’s who have been made into ‘Dehydrated Sponges’ financially have to gain succulence before the next round of voter squeeze. The consequence is that every developmental project suffers a percentage cut, quality degradation, quantity deficiency and in extreme cases non implementation. It is said that almost all the projects in Nagaland are worth much less than their cost outlays. Nagas appear to have lost their conscience, their moral character, their Christian ethos. The Christian State is not living the Christian Life. The ten commandments of God, the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount and the virtues preached in the Gospel are yet to become the guiding principles of our lives, at every level.                                                                                     March 2008

Dominic Yazokie is Deputy Director in Directorate of Information & Public Relations of

Nagaland Government.