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27 crorepatis in fray in Meghalaya, 19 school drop-out

Saidul Khan
A total of 27 candidates in fray in the Meghalaya assembly elections have declared assets worth more than Rs one crore, while no cases of criminal antecedents have been reported by the candidates in their affidavits.

According to a survey conducted by the Delhi-based Association for Democratic Reforms (ADM), the state of Meghalaya has stood as an exception as compared to other states of the country, as the state can have the honour of a 'clean assembly', with none of the total 331 candidates having criminal background.

The reports of the survey, which was released on Thursday, said in all 27 candidates have declared assets worth more than Rs one crore. Among these are ten from Congress, seven from NCP, four from United Democratic Party, four independents and one each from Hill State People's Democratic Party and Meghalaya Democratic Party. The richest candidate is state's health minister Debora Marak with a total asset of Rs 112,36,87,492. She represents one of the backward constituencies of the state, Rongrengre.

Also among the crorepatis are NCP general secretary PA Sangma, Shillong-based media baron Manas Choudhury, deputy chief minister and UDP president Donkupar Roy, deputy chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma and Congress minister Nehlang Lyngdoh.
Interestingly, three-time chief minister DD Lapang's name is not in the list of crorepatis.

Among the major political parties, average declared assets of INC candidate are worth Rs 274.95 lakh, NCP Rs 122.67 lakh, UDP Rs 99.98 lakh, MDP Rs 45.49 lakh and BJP Rs 7.68 lakh.
In all, 16 candidates have declared liabilities more than Rs 5 lakh, with BJP MLA AL Hek leading the list with a liability of Rs 57,72,620.Interestingly, only seven candidates have mentioned their PAN cards. Of these, three are from Congress, one from BJP and three independents.On the education front, altogether 141 candidates (43 per cent) are graduates and above, while 19 candidates have not completed their schooling.

Verdict 2008: Clean Assembly in Meghalaya

27 Crorepatis
No candidates having criminal record
State Health Minister Deborah Marak tops the list with 112 crore

NCP General Secretary Purno Sangma, Independent Candidate Manas Chowdhury, UDP President Donkupar Roy, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma and Congress Minister Nehlang Lyngdoh are also in the list of crorepattis.

D D Lapang name is missing from the list

Average Total assets of INC candidates =  Rs 274.95 lakh

Average Total assets of NCP candidates = Rs 122.67 lakh

Average Total assets of UDP candidates = Rs. 99.98 lakh

Average Total assets of MDP candidates = Rs. 45.49 lakh

Average Total assets of BJP candidates = Rs. 7.68 lakh

Only 7 candidates have PAN cards
Three from Congress and one from BJP
141 candidates are graduates
19 candidates have not completed their schooling

February 2008
Journalist Saidul Khan is based in Meghalaya state.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.