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By Mumtaz Mazumdar
Polygraph is lie detector, an interrogation tool. Power Polygraph Pluck! It has capacity to unearth the greyer layer of our past


Why do we live? Dance and celebrate life

OP Mishra
This is an inquiry with oneself. The purpose of this question is to inquire about one's life and the way of living. Maybe there is no definite answer; however, different expressions could come up around this inquiry every day. Out of this, we could have an opportunity to discover innovative things about life and our living.

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Expansionist Roles of Governments during Warfare

Naheed Ali
As we probably already know, the twenty-first century is a period home to a number of political advancements and shortcomings alike.  But an activist may agree that one such outstanding corridor is that of the expansionist’s roles of government in today’s war-stricken atmosphere.  Take for instance, the role that Iran is proposing

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Tripura ruling dynasty

Tripura ruling dynasty claimed their descent from the Yudhisthire of Mahabarata and is believed to belong to the glorious Luner race. The present Maharaja Pradyot Bikram Kishore Manikya Deb Burman is the 186th ruler of the dynasty who took over after the death of his father Late Maharaja Kirit Bikram kishore Manikya Deb

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Youth empowerment in North-East India

India, a country of 1 Billion, faces a big challenge in terms of providing basic education, health care and subsequent employment for the people. But in the last one decade, India has scaled heights in the global field and has projected a competent image for the world to witness. But nevertheless India is confronted with a flow of

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