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Youth empowerment in North-East India

India, a country of 1 Billion, faces a big challenge in terms of providing basic education, health care and subsequent employment for the people. But in the last one decade, India has scaled heights in the global field and has projected a competent image for the world to witness. But nevertheless India is confronted with a flow of significant problems which has hampered its smooth growth over the years and that has in turn affected the people of the country.  

The basic ills of unemployment and the education for the unemployed youth is a major issue of concern. Unemployment is not for the dearth in the availability of opportunities but because of the fact that the population seeking these jobs does not have the required competencies most of the time and the employers have to compromise with the over-qualified or the available human resources. The unskilled and the uneducated lot of workforce in the country may not only hamper the growth of the country but also will not be able to ride on the job demands.

Responding to the need, Smile Foundation has come up with SMILE Twin e-Learning Project which aims to educate and assist in employment of thousands of adolescent youth across India and give them an opportunity to explore better avenues in the growing economy.

Earning Through Learning – SMILE Twin e-Learning

Smile Twin e-Learning has been launched and is on the move to become a major initiative developed by the National Agency. It thus endeavours to start the programme in 40 centers all over India by end of March 2007.

Smile takes pride to have an opportunity to work with the people of North-East India and make a prominent beginning with three twin e-learning centers - one with Prayas in Noonmati, Assam and the other two with OISCA and Responsenet in Imphal, Manipur.

The organization looks forward to be able to further assist in empowering the adolescent youth of northeast through this programme and mainstream them to the country's development.

This can only be achieved with the help of the organizations partnering with us in the region and not to forget the worthy people of Northeast.
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