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Tripura ruling dynasty

Tripura ruling dynasty claimed their descent from the Yudhisthire of Mahabarata and is believed to belong to the glorious Luner race. The present Maharaja Pradyot Bikram Kishore Manikya Deb Burman is the 186th ruler of the dynasty who took over after the death of his father Late Maharaja Kirit Bikram kishore Manikya Deb Burman. In this one year he has tried to bring the palace close to the people. Recently Journalist Ratnadeep Choudhury had interaction with the young Maharaja. Indigenous Herald brings to you excerpts of that exclusive interview:

INDIGENOUS HERALD:  Last year you have ascended the historic throne of Tripura. How did you feel in your new role as the people’s revered hero?    

MAHARAJA PRADYOT DEB BURMAN: Apart from coming to terms with the sad demise of my illustrious father Maharaja Kirit Bikram Kishore Manikya, it has been also a great learning experience for me both emotionally and spiritually. The role of a leader is to get emotionally involved with the people. I feel blessed that I was born in a great family of Tripura for whom the people have tremendous admiration and respect.   

IH: How do you see the relationship between the common masses and the royal family?

MPD: Serving the people is only possible when you are one with them. There must be personal touch. This is true for royal family as well. I want to be with the thick of my people at all times.  

IH: Your illustrious ancestors have all actually ruled the Sate for many centuries.  What is your opinion about democratic governance?

An administrator’s prime role is to understand and alleviate the grievances of the people. The contribution of my ancestors in the historic development of Tripura in the prime sectors like health care, education, justice are too well known to be repeated here. No government can survive without the trust and confidence of the people.  

IH: How do you find the present political regime in Tripura?

I appreciate the good work done by the present political dispensation under the leadership of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, but there should be thirst on sustainable development. I always believe in constructive criticism.  

IH: You have carved out a place for yourself as a young entrepreneur. What inspires you to start new ventures?

MPD: I have inherited the legacy of a great heritage and culture. To live up to that tradition one has to be enterprising indeed.  

IH: As a young king you have been termed by media as ‘King Cool’ and ‘Youth Icon of Tripura’. How do you see it?

All these are immaterial to me. What eventually matters is what you do on ground. I feel I have a long way to go. My aim is overall prosperity of people of Tripura and northeast. Unlike many of my contemporary I would not care for page 3 position in the media or special magazine exposure in TV.  

IH: Recently you have ventured into journalism. What inspired you to do so?

MPD: The role of media is to disseminate fair and neutral point of view and also strike a cord with the masses. My foray into journalism is to portray northeast in a positive light and not stereotype projection of the region like most of the national media. There is more violence outside Northeast. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is made to believe that we are the cradle of insurgency, drugs and ethnic divide. I want to correct that distortion.  

IH: What do you actually want to do for the people of Tripura?

The people of Tripura know what is right for them. No individual has magic solutions for all problems of the masses. As a responsible person in my position I would like to work along with all sections of the society. There is lot of work to be done in the state and it must be done collectively, regardless of caste, creed, culture, religion and politics. My father has taught me to be humble and humane. We must approach the people with the humanity and try to solve their problems in a participatory manner.