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Why do we live? Dance and celebrate life

OP Mishra
This is an inquiry with oneself. The purpose of this question is to inquire about one's life and the way of living. Maybe there is no definite answer; however, different expressions could come up around this inquiry every day. Out of this, we could have an opportunity to discover innovative things about life and our living.

The question 'why do we live?' creates a space for a deep inquiry touching the core being of human beings. An inquiry to the whole possible purpose of our own existence, the whole being, which, we experience right now, right here.

If we were to get a pattern of the questions and answers derived out of this inquiry, possibly we could point to the various ways of our being in life. None of the ways of being could be classified as right or wrong as all are just ways of being. Inside of one way of being, the other ways of being is simply not possible as every way of being is whole and complete in itself. All the ways of being are uniquely displayed on this planet.

In course of usual life sequence, we are not present to this question. Even if it occurs in our thinking, we tend to ignore and avoid. The reason being, we are so much occupied in doing and having results. This way we live as doing and having and again doing more and having more.  We may call this phenomenon as human-doing and human-having; however, we call ourselves human-being.

The impact of this is huge. We tend to live life, which we don't really love and go to a space where everything appears wrong. This way, we limit our expressions by being extra-sensitive and take a path of caution in each and every step we put in life.

Whereas, we as human beings are designed to be free and express ourselves. We are designed to dance and be in the rhythm of life. Remember the happiness we get when we dance naturally. At that moment, our life becomes full and celebrating. We forget everything except life. We just become joy. When we dance, our expressions are full and complete. Nothing remains to express more.

What stops us being joy all the time? What stops us being celebrating throughout our life?

No one out there, it is we ourselves stop ourselves.

This inquiry offers an opportunity to inquire about why we live as a human-being which is beyond our existing obvious pattern of living inside the never ending cycle of human-doing and human-having. Let us create a possibility for our experiences on what we experience/ want to experience as human beings.

Remember, it is our life to dance and celebrate for what we are living.                            June 2008