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By Mumtaz Mazumdar
Polygraph is lie detector, an interrogation tool. Power Polygraph Pluck! It has capacity to unearth the greyer layer of our past

from the sand dunes of our lives, unknown to ourselves even. It may not have been used by our hunter brethren but it is being used from quite a long time. And in this age of spy space satellites, it is aright we spy ourselves too?

The poly particles in our perspiration, pressure, blood, and etc are grabbed to net the truth. False answers will produce vivid physical imbalances. As per its scientific implications, its outcome seems to be mostly correct. In India, ongoing cases related to crimes made it a known name among common masses. It became most common with stamp-stealer Telgi. And in the show, Sach ka Samna, the polygraph if not bringing forth our goons and Gawlis, may be willingly, happily faced by us, for money, self-knowledge and fun. But, the show has bewildered the nation. We also see that the contenders being stunned too with the queries! It smokes the contender first, followed with the cracks on their king's whitened visages. However, this special coterie of contenders and their kindred seem to retrieve themselves soon and fume only when, their chance of money-making is soiled. The nature of the questions have culture-shocked the country. The nation is gaped and irked. The high court of Delhi has ordered its ban. But we are burning midnight oils to watch it.

Or, are we furtively enjoying the new show? Is it man's old nature to delight at himself at experiencing something new? Changing is our constant nature. Will we change too? We are not just dichotomies, but polycotomous evolution, as this poly graph. Are our brain architecture such that we adapt to changes after some befuddles and banging? Or these are surreal loops to be forgotten soon? The nineteenth-twentieth century fragmentation of the self continues with this kind of self-discoveries? Or super-hybridization with cultures from around the globe? What are the vantage points of such a programme? To know thyself till the last lees? Is it possible to know so? An attempt to know? In the show, however, common men to celebrities are sitting on the poly berth. New examples of bravery are seen. The personal lives are publicized. It may be that certain painful truths make us feel lonely. So we can use this programme like a kind of purgation machine. Perhaps more epic than Aristotelian cleansing? Because it is not playing another's role, but my own. Or, in the labyrinth of selves, is it detaching the truths from us? Or attaching the untruth to the mazy minds?

Are getting used to this self-discovery system, with the help of television tool. Today, it is the television that gauges our modern lengths. Is it another ostensible truth? The truth which is in the making of socio-constructions. The changing truths of the self. Or it is just another gambling show. But this time the money-making is through selling truths. Selling lives. Challenging the self for money. Each story of our life seems fully saleable now. The modern versions of American culture brought to each home from years. The cultural colonization is on with such so-called ventures. It may also be only the part of television business too. The tarp rate of particular channel can rise skyrocket with such show. Television has become the civilized casino of the nation? Or, like Telgi, all the criminal Indians may be caught this way? Our hidden criminal recesses are brought this way. The untruth is the truth in us? What is the outcome? Our definitions of morality will change now? Should we think many times before and after loving someone? What we think will never co lour same with our blood? In the US divorces became frequenter and faster with such shows. How will relations be in our nation? The nation is filled with questions. Or we are older civilized and may not be affected with such money-par lour show? As this is more nuclear!

Or, it is just only another simple toffee-coffee so-called macho tiff? Mere fun and entertainment. There is nothing much to be solemn about it? Just a passing-by another punk programme in the so-called tutelage TV? June 2010
The author has completed her Masters in English Literature. She is based in Silchar, Assam